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Meet Melani Lust

From her first darkroom class at the age of 13, Melani Lust knew her life's work would be creating imagery. Growing up in California, Melani's photographic ambitions led her to become the international documentarian for her large extended family. Capturing her family's most exciting events on film, Melani recognized the beauty and significance of preserving moments in time. Her ongoing involvement in charitable work in her family's native Mexico not only provided moving subject matter, but also taught her how to position herself in the right place at the right time, for the most expressive shot. Her childhood sowed the seeds of creativity and expression, of empathy and awareness, and of her philosophy as a photographer.

After high school Melani immersed herself in another passion, the performing arts, moving to New York to study modern dance at the Alvin Ailey School. Working for a period as a professional dancer gave Melani an experience which deepened her understanding and appreciation of the human form in composition and line, an inherent elegance which is manifested in her photography. She went on to formal education and through her studies at NYU, on a full scholarship, she earned her BA in art history and an MA in fine arts, magna cum laude. Melani took from her studies a sophisticated understanding of aesthetics and, specifically, a sensitivity to the elements of composition and expression that results in a moving work of art. Melani subsequently returned to her first love, continuing her formal photographic studies at the ICP in NY. She continues to stay professionally inspired by taking on photojournalistic and editorial assignments worldwide.

A master of her craft, her passionate approach to composition, expression and beauty uncovers emotion not readily seen by most. Known for connecting easily to her clients, the camera is merely an extension of her heart. With breathtaking cinematic storytelling, her photographs will reveal the extraordinary, and the volatile, once in a lifetime moments. In a day when everything happens so quickly Melani will ensure that your magical celebration is preserved forever for you and generations to come.
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